A Gift from Neige

Neige gave me a gift today: she showed me the rhythm of life. It was beautiful.

She made sure I knew she wanted to talk and put me in the right place. The rest of the herd disappeared although Timmy wasn’t far away. I feel she thought he would benefit too.

I wasn’t sure what she wanted so I tuned into her heart rhythm energetically and matched her breathing. Then I felt how her heart felt, energetically, and her lungs and her bones. It was an amazing feeling. Her heart felt full of light. Her lungs felt full of space like you could fall into it and just live there. Her bones felt hard on the outside and like whorls on the inside like a tree. When I felt the tree synergy, I felt my feet really ground themselves, and I could feel the energy flowing through me from head to toe through into the earth.

It took us some time to get to this point because I kept trying to go back to where we left off, so she also gave the gift of finding the beginning again – using the ‘beginners mind’.

When I had felt the tree synergy and the energy flowing through me, Timmy made a point of leaving and finding the rest of the herd. I sort of thought ‘wow’ that was a good session but Neige had not finished with her giving yet. She shoved her head into me and put it down so I scratched her ears a bit and then felt the energy of that and followed that down her neck and spine. I was following the tips of her nerves over the sacrum and the tree energy came back to me. It felt like these nerves were taking in the sunlight and moving the sun’s energy through them and into the bones which were a whirling dance of movement within their shell, and then down into the heart centre. I could feel those nerves reach up towards the sun like the tops of the trees reach up to the sun. The heart and the lungs and the bones were converting that energy to maintain her rhythm and that rhythm pulsed through her and into the earth.

Thank you Neige

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